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Suit Up.

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Get Lost In A Book and Ooowoah

Double daily post, since I couldn't upload my daily yesterday. :x

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Aye Aye Aye.

In April, I started doing daily paintings.  Can't believe this is my 100th one! Onward to more paintings. <3 br="">

Grab Some Luck.

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I Just Love You So Much.

Selling at Anime Expo ^_^

Hi everyone!!

This will be my first convention I'm selling prints at.  I'm excited and nervous at the same time. >.<  I'll be sharing a booth with my friend, William Wu.  You can find us at B31 at the Artist Alley.  Please stop by and say hi. :D

Here are the prints I'll be selling.  It includes, Thor and Loki, Khaleesi, Han and Leia, Kiki, Korra and Naga,  League of Legends, and Princess Jasmine. :)  Prints are 11x17 and are going for $15 each. If you buy two at the con, you get one free!! :D

Hope to see you guys there, and I hope you enjoy either way. :)